Complexity, simplified.

The story of progress needs renewal; therefore my focus is on designing strategy and products that help move that cause along. The idea behind reframe progress is motivated by the possibilities of tomorrow rooted in today. 

Experience across circular economy, saas, fintech, telco, sustainability, automotive, fashion, FMCG, supplychains and tech.

Open to working with agencies, start-ups, corporates, governments and NGOs.

Strong believer in the idea that teamwork makes the dream work.


Innovation, business
& sustainability strategy.


From idea to roll-out,
in the lead or as support.


Strategic design that
makes business work.

Previous clients

About a man
and his dogs.

Please allow me to introduce myself, Lennard Hulsbos. Generally by my side are Kyra and Sámr.

I’ve lived and worked on three continents. Have previously been vice-president design & marketing in saas / fintech, managing partner & strategy director in strategic design as well as practice-lead on blockchain & AI. (re-)Built and run teams onsite and remotely in 6 countries. 

Policitally speaking, I’ve been part of the youth delegation working on the national climate action plan with the Netherlands Government and was a former municipal council candidate for the Partij voor de Dieren. Spoken on a wide variety of international stages with corporates,events and NGOs.

Currently working with organisations and individuals aiming to build extraordinary companies, products, services, communities and experiences; preferably solving big problems, without further destroying the planet. Also currently building a regenerative homestead doubling as a workshop space.

Driven by an incurable curiosity.

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Years of experience
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Companies worked with
Lennard’s visionary perspective shaped our new flagship product, marrying innovation with practicality in a way few can. His ability to translate technological opportunities into tangible business value set him apart.
Radu Immenroth
CTO & MD Cleverbridge

Onsite, offsite, online – yours or mine?

At the farm

Offsites in the forests of Southern Sweden.

On location

Consultancy, workshops, interim, projects, keynotes.


Consultancy, workshops, interim, projects, talks.